Friday, July 1, 2011

want to help sponsor this blog?

if you are an artist or group or even a record can be a sponsor to this new blog.
i am wanting to promote you for the day or what will it cost?

well for $100 a day you get this.

1.multiple tweets about you and your music.
2.a review spot on the blog with links to videos websites ect.
3.a picture with me in your band tshirt with me holding your album/cd whatever. tweeted out and on the blog.
4.giveaways if you want.

also i will accept monthly sponsorship for record labels ect.
that is negotiable
you can even send me to concerts/events! i will also do in person interviews if you want.

i love rock and want to help support the cause of ROCK AND ROLL!plus i have to make a living.

335 south skyline drive
idaho falls,idaho 83402

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