Saturday, July 16, 2011

N is for Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is a member of Fleetwood Mac and has an amazing career as a solo artist.i love her and her music.I love when a singer can write amazing songs!well Stevie Nicks is a music Icon!i had this dream about me and Stevie.I still remember this dream,it happened about 3 years ago.and it was a fun dream.I have always wanted to be a rock manager.well i got my chance in this dream!Stevie Nicks needed a manager to help with this tour she was i somehow got the job!this was an amazing be in the presence of a legendary music Queen!she sang all of her amazing songs.we interacted and it seemed as real as any dream i have ever had.i guess it made me so happy,that i remember it.when i awoke in the morning i was just so happy and had a smile on my face.hey Stevie if you need any help let me know!

her are some songs i love! i play these songs in my car,certain songs just sound better while driving!maybe it is the energy you feel from such powerful songs!that is my test to a great song,its drivability.
follow Stevie on twitter @RealStevieNicks
album to check out.Timespace – The Best of Stevie Nicks

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