Saturday, July 2, 2011

c is for Crash Test Dummies,Glen Campbell,Bill Cosby,Counting Crows

Crash Test Dummies
:this song is a sad song.i cried the first time i heard it and it still chokes me up.just to think about when the super hero is just doing average,day to day stuff.not doing super hero stuff.just has alot of emotion to it doesn't it.

i have always liked this song but am now digging deeper into the rest of the Crash Test Dummies music.
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this is a greatest hits album to get you in the right direction The Best of Crash Test Dummies

Glen Campbell
i grew up with my mom playing Glen are two songs i really like.

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and here
check out his greatest his album

Bill Cosby:
i just love the good old comedy,i just thought to throw in this classic clip.
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and here
album to check out.The Best of Bill Cosby

Counting Crows
i was blow away when i found at my local library. Across a Wire: Live in New York City

it is the most amazing 2 disk set i have stumbled upon The first disc is from VH1 Storytellers,The second disc,is from Mtv's Live from the 10 Spot.amazing go get it!

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