Saturday, July 23, 2011

S is for Slade and Straight White Lines

Slade is one of my most favorite bands!i was a my grandmas and i was maybe 10?and the next door neighbor was having a garage sale.i walked over to have a look and noticed a box of vinyl records.i was looking at them and the owner guy came over to me and said do you like music?i told him i just got from Santa a record player radio tape player thing but i didn't have any records yet.he smiled and pulled out the SLADE-ALIVE
album and said here you would want this one.i asked how much and he said how much do you have on you.i had .50 cents.sold he said and i have to say it was and is one of my favorite albums and bands ever!

I have this twitter friend Neal Brooks,we have never met but have tweeted from time to time.he has a band called Straight White Lines. i love the song Outlaw!i wanted to showcase Neal and his talent.I think Neal would have a better solo career,and have added some of his solo stuff.If any record company or record producer person wants to
sign Neal do it! if i could i would sign him in a heart beat!such a talent! in fact i told him he should go on American idol!i am sure he would win!and he has a cool beard!AND ladies i think he is single (hint hint)

so i hope you will enjoy the following clips.
albums to buy The Very Best of Slade or Slade -Alive
listen to "Outlaw" here

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