Wednesday, July 6, 2011

F is for Fink

i hate the fact that people have blinders on when it comes to music.i know some people that they only listen to one genre of music like country or whatever.and they exclude all other music that comes out.i listen to it all,sure i have favorites and alot of records or Cd's on heavy rotation,i just wish people would add some variety to their life.

I stumbled upon Fink while reading an article on new music.i listed all of the new artist and went home to explore.i was blown away with Fink!the song they mentioned was "Blueberry Pancakes"!and it was all i needed to become a fan!i bought all i could get ahold of.and he is just a hidden talent,well at least not very well known in the states. take a listen and let me know what your think.

follow Fink on twitter @Finkmusic
album to buy Distance and Time

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