Thursday, June 30, 2011

A is for Bryan Adams and Aerosmith

What better way to kick off this blog than with my first concert ever: Bryan Adams! and one of my all time favorite bands: Aerosmith!

this guy sure knows how to rock!he is also an excellent Photographer
my first concert ever! October 5th ,1992 my college roomies and i went to the Holt arena in pocatello,Idaho we had "nose bleed"seats and i watched for a way to get to the main plan was to ask this girl on the main floor if i could use her ticket to get closer.she agreed and my plan worked! i quickly went through the gate guard and gave her a big thanks along with her ticket i waved to my roomies and walked right to the front left of the stage.amazing show!i will never forget it.and Bryan Adams was so close to me.we even pointed at each other!
 album to buy:So Far So Good  a greatest hits album all of the classics! highly recommended for any collection
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 Aerosmith:Tom Hamilton,Brad Whitford,Joey Cramer,Steven Tyler,Joe Perry

 my first Aerosmith concert!April 18th 1998 Salt Lake City,Utah
some of my Aerosmith treasures.

interesting story.the day of the concert, my wife and daughter (only a few years old at the time) and I,were at the mall.and i wanted to go into a magic shop.i was looking at cards and magic stuff, when i heard a very familiar voice.Tom Hamilton the Bass guitarist from Aerosmith!He was in the store!this was my first encounter with anyone remotely famous and i was very nervous.I approached him and said "hi Tom" he was so nice we chatted about his recent trip from japan,magic cards and he asked to hold my daughter.i tried to take a picture, but the flash failed me.he asked if i was going to be at the show. and i said yes! he said lets have a good time(thanks Tom for the time we spent together).i only wished i could have remembered to ask for a backstage pass.later after the concert. I watched all of these ladies ,some VERY young some old, lift their shirts to Steven Tyler! as his car raced out of the back arena could see boobs everywhere.i was invited to this party with these guys i met at the concert.they where going to hang with the opening act Spacehog,it was late,i was blocks away from the hotel ,i think it was my first high from all the second hand smoke?I FELT REALLY GOOD .i declined, but afterwords i sent pictures to the guys i met ,with them and Spacehog.they sent me a mix tape of Spacehog music and told me i should have went to the party, because Aerosmith was there with them.DANG! rule #1 if you get invited to a party go!lesson learned!

want to buy some Aerosmith. you really cannot go wrong with any album, but here is a good one
 O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits
also i love Just Push Play and Nine Lives
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Rock and Roll from A-Z

Welcome to Rock,ect.,

I love music (who doesn't)but what i have found is that the new generation coming up,has no idea about good older music.i would be at work or in my car with friends and play some music,or talk about some new music i was liking and they had no idea what i was talking they have never heard of this group or that song.alot of people unless their mom or dad played it around the house really have no clue as to great music that inspired the music artist of today.

i hope you enjoy the posts i plan on a daily artist and song or album of the day.
each day will have a letter assigned and that is the group or groups i will talk about.for example July 1st is A,July 2nd is B.

as the Rolling Stones sing "it's only Rock and Roll,but i like it"