Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock and Roll from A-Z

Welcome to Rock,ect.,

I love music (who doesn't)but what i have found is that the new generation coming up,has no idea about good older music.i would be at work or in my car with friends and play some music,or talk about some new music i was liking and they had no idea what i was talking they have never heard of this group or that song.alot of people unless their mom or dad played it around the house really have no clue as to great music that inspired the music artist of today.

i hope you enjoy the posts i plan on a daily artist and song or album of the day.
each day will have a letter assigned and that is the group or groups i will talk about.for example July 1st is A,July 2nd is B.

as the Rolling Stones sing "it's only Rock and Roll,but i like it"

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