Thursday, July 14, 2011

M is for Marcy Playground

So far i have been at 2 Marcy Playground concerts.they came to my town Idaho Falls on November 5th ?not sure the year. after the song "Sex and Candy"came out,it was an amazing show!i was lucky i had a front seat in this tiny theatre and during the show,the drummer Shlomi Lavie playfully tossed a drumstick to the lead singer John Wozniak,it bounced off of the stage and into the band pit.i was in the best spot and immediately grabbed it.later i had all of the band autograph it.i guess it is also a rare item because it has been played.and they usually only throw out new sticks.i will always cherish it.and hope to have a man cave someday,so i can proudly display it,along with all of my other rock treasures.

my second concert was a little more was in a town Pocatello in 2009 and i was able to get front row,like i always was another amazing show with all of the old hits along with songs from their fourth album Leaving a fit of rage
it was still a high energy and very fun show!if Marcy Playground ever comes to your town GO!it is alot of fun.i wasn't able to met up with the guys after that one but fun never the less! and i cannot wait until i can go to another one. if i could i would probably be the roadie for them.

follow Marcy Playground on twitter at @marcydylan @BlizzardOfWoz
album to check out the self titled Marcy Playground or Leaving a fit of rage.or all of them!

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